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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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(CFDA No. 84.126)


Legislation: Rehabilitation Act of 1973, P.L. 93-112, as amended, Title I,
Part A, except Section 112, (29 U.S.C. 720). (Expires September 30, 1987.)

Funding Since 1980:

Fiscal Year       Authorization       Appropriation!/

1980             $ 880,000,000      $ 817,484,000

1981                945,000,000         854,259,000

1982                899,000,000         863,040,000

1983                943,900,000         943,900,000

1984              1,037,800,000       1,037,800,000

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to provide vocational rehabilita-
tion services to persons with mental and/or physical handicaps. Persons
with the most severe disabilities receive services first.

Federal and State funds cover the costs of a wide variety of rehabilitation
services: diagnosis; comprehensive evaluation; counseling; training; reader
services for the blind; interpreter services for the deaf; medical and
related services, such as prosthetic and orthopedic devices; transportation
to secure vocational rehabilitation services; maintenance during rehabili-
tation; employment placement tools, licenses, equipment, supplies, and
management services for vending stands or other small businesses for handi-
capped persons; assistance in the construction and establishment of reha-
bilitation facilities; and services to families of handicapped individuals
when such services will contribute substantially to the rehabilitation of
handicapped individuals.

El igibility: States designate a sole agency to administer the program.
Physical and/or mentally disabled individuals are eligible for services if
their disabilities are a handicap to employment, and if rehabilitation
services may improve their chances for employment.

Distribution of Funds; Federal funds are distributed to States based on
population weighted by per capita income. The statistical factors for
fund allocation are: 1) the three-year average of per capita income by
state; 2) the total U.S. population; 3) State population; and 4) the
Consumer Price Index.


A.    Goals and Objectives

During FY 1984, the Department had four goals for this program:

o      Employment:    To increase the number of disabled individuals employed
by encouraging    State   agencies   to   use   better    placement    practices.burns,  and